Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Claims

Have you or a family member been diagnosed with C.O.P.D. within the last 3 years . . .

  • Chest tightness
  • Breathlessness
  • Fatigue
  • Persistent cough

Has your doctor or consultant stated that the COPD is due to exposure to dust or fumes in the work place?

Then you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Signs and symptoms of C.O.P.D.

This is a disease characterised by airflow limitation, which is usually progressive and associated with an abnormal inflammatory response of the lungs to noxious particles and gases. COPD encompasses Chronic Obstructive Bronchitis, with obstruction of small airways, and Emphysema with enlargement of the airspaces and destruction of lung parenchyma, together with loss of lung elasticity and closure of small airways. This disease is common among people who are exposed to dust and or fumes in the coal and steel industries.

COPD is common, about 1 million people in the UK have COPD. It mainly affects people over the age of 40 and accounts for more time off work than any other illness.

Symptoms can vary according to the specific type of chest disease however usual symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath, fatigue and wheezing.

Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease (C.O.A.D.)

This is a term used to describe the pathological endpoint of a number of diseases characterised by respiratory impairment and chronic airflow limitation. Different diseases combine to produce COAD, particularly Asthma, chronic bronchitis and Emphysema. Certain occupations are high risk, especially coal mining.

Making a claim for C.O.P.D.

At Industrial Disease Claims we understand the trauma and frustration conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease can cause not only physically and psychologically but also financially. It is our aim to minimise any further stress and worry by ensuring you receive the compensation that is rightly yours as swiftly and efficently as possible.

Our expert panel of solicitors have a success rate of almost 100% of claims handled nationwide recovering millions of pounds in compensation.

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